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Sending NOSK to Haiti - 'Samjoung Int'l was pleased to donate 20,000 'Nosk' pads..'


Samjoung International, a KOTRA Seal of Excellence company, was sending NOSK to Haiti for lending a helping hand at early March.

President Jingu Joung of Samjoung Int'l, was pleased to donate 20,000 'Nosk' pads to volunteers who are helping to restore damaged field after he received the news of Haiti quake.

Unlike other masks, Nosk is patented in more than 70 countries and it's push-in type double filter in one piece which filers and block pollen, dust, allergens, and airborne particles. Samjoung International is registered to UN headquarter in New York, U.S. in 2009 as legal vendor and have supplied to goods to the U.N. Peacekeeping Force(PKO).

Source: KOTRA, March 15, 2010