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Koreannovation 2009: Nasal Masks, Talking Pens, and Smart Toothbrushes



The second annual Koreannovation trade show is open to the public today and tomorrow at the Penn Plaza Pavilion in midtown Manhattan. The show offers a peak at the unique--and often bizarre--technology coming out of Korea, giving manufacturers the opportunity to interact with businesses and consumers in the States.

If you're in New York City, the show is worth seeing, if only to gawk at some of the technologies that will most likely never manage to appeal to American sensibilities in any measurable way--like, say, the Nosk Nasal Insertion Mask. I went last night for a sneak preview and was immediately pulled aside by a Nosk rep, who proceeded to shove the device straight up my nose. The Nosk is meant to be a replacement for the surgical masks that have been all the rage in Asia since the oubreak of SARS.

After the jump, check out some video highlights of some of the more...interesting gadgets from the show.

Source: Gear Log,May 12, 2009