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I just pop it in before going
for my walk and take it right out
when I'm done. No more pills!

Eve A

NOSK awarded Gold medal on Invention of Smart Idea Invention


NOSK awarded Gold medal on Invention of Smart Idea Invention. The winner of the gold medal on Invention of Smart Idea Invention Award, presented by The National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT) in 2009 was NOSK, made by Sam joung international.

This small, nostril sized product already registered in PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) and made Patent applications in the US, China, Japan, India, Taiwan. Moreover, to prove that NOSK works as a safe filtering product, they obtained relevant certifications from many authorized agencies such as Certification of New products by the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy, Selection of Superior Invention by Korea Industrial Property Office.

The manufacturer, Samjoung International was a specialized company in the field of garment plant business. However, it has changed to be a creative company which manufactures environmental friendly nasal filter, NOSK.

With its 6 year-long R&D effort, Mr. Joung, CEO of the Sam joung international is so positive about their future. "We will continue our effort to develop blue ocean products based on our own unique intellectual properties to the complete satisfaction of consumers."

This company also contributes to the society by donating NOSK to volunteers of Taean rehabilitation and national athletes of 2009 Beijing Olympics.

Source: KOTRA, September 14, 2009ns from thousands of approved commercial vendors.